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Perfect Gift for wife or husband! Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gift for couple; Personalized Cutting Board USA Handmade Cutting Board by Naked Wood Works - B07B4MYKL8

Personalized wedding or anniversary gift! Get the Greatest gift for your significant other this year!
Customization of these boards is made simple. Before checkout, you will be asked to input the following information
1. First Names of Couple
2. Last Name
3. Date Established!
(We take care with each order to place your information in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.)

*****ABOUT THIS ITEM!*****
This is a keepsake that can be used for years to come. It is made with Walnut(pictured) or Maple wood and oiled with a food-safe oil that preserves and toughens the board. One side of the board is used to slice and dice your specialties in the kitchen, and the other side of the board is a reminder of the important things in life - your family!

Cutting board sizes:
12x16x1.5 is the featured board in WALNUT wood. Choose this size for an impressive and exquisite display piece that is functional.
10"x 14"x.75" A standard cutting board size that provides a good amount of real estate to chop and also makes for an elegant display!
8"x12"x .75" A small board, designed with easy cabinet storage in mind!

Wrap - We Wrap Your Custom Gift in High-End Wrapping Paper(thick) and put it in another box for shipping.
Stand - Our stands are designed specifically for the board size you purchase, they are a fit together stand that will put your board on display in the kitchen.
Ultimate Board Oil - We recommend Using Cutting Board Oil Every 5-7 Washes to lengthen the life of the cutting board. We include care instructions in your Package!
Serving Board - A serving board will allow you to carry hot plates or pans to the table on a 17" x 6" board. or carry a cheese and wine platter for a night in!
Coasters - Get matching Coasters with your information added for a Set!