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FORSUN Sandalwood Fan Set of 50 pcs Baby Shower Gifts & Wedding Favors&Birthday Gifts&Christmas Gift - B01GP9XK6K
  • Practicality and Art: It is a handicraft with Chinese characteristics. This classic-style fan not only represents the elegance of Chinese women, but also keeps you cool in the summer and decorates your home and office. These fans will give you a fresh and elegant feel.

  • Materials: These fans are made of sandalwood, a hardwood with a natural aroma that is ideal for fans. Color: natural wood color. The fan is made of natural wood and usually has a chromatic aberration. It is normal for the same fan to be displayed in different colors.

  • Light weight, foldable, easy to carry and collect. The wooden foldable hand-held fan is ideal for staying cool in warm weather.

  • Perfect for weddings, houses, offices, stages, parties and festivals, suitable for your home, tea house, etc.

  • Good sandalwood scent: The wooden folding fan has a light, pleasant aroma that is not too strong for a sensitive nose.